Did You Know?

Recently, some of the staff members were reading the story of our college’s history in Songs of the Reaper. As we read through it, we were struck by the rich history of Horizon College.  While there were many facts and stories that stood out, the one thing we could not ignore were the parallels between history and modern day.


In 1952 the college introduced the “Two-Year Layman and Deaconess Course.”  This course lasted twenty-two years and was designed for students who desired to help in the church and Christian service but did not feel the call to pulpit ministry.  The courses included biblical, practical, and business subjects.

Furthermore, in 1966, the college introduced a one year course that “‘was designed so as to function as a pre-university year of studies for those intending to go to university, as a general course for those interested in only one year of Bible college rather than the ministry.'”

Currently at Horizon, we have a “One Year Certificate in Leadership.”  This year is designed as a “gap year with a purpose;” it is meant to be a year that solidifies the foundations of your faith as well as prepare you for university, or your other educational and career ambitions.  Much like the two-year layman course, the intent behind this year is to give you biblical foundations to serve within your church while pursuing other vocations.  And much like the pre-university year of studies, it is designed to allow you to embrace the community of bible college, establish your personal Christian life, and set you up for success when you move on.



When you graduate from our one year program, it is our hope that you leave feeling more prepared for what you have next.  Through courses such as Introduction to Theology, Bible Study Methods, and Introduction to Spiritual Formation, we train you to be theologically literate and spiritually mature.  We also desire to train you to be skilled in communication and leadership, as well as develop contextual awareness through courses such as Foundations in Leadership and Worldviews and Contemporary Culture.  On top of that, you leave the program with numerous inventories to boost your resume such as “StrengthsFinder,” “Emotional Intelligence,” Global Leadership Summit experience, and a personalized portfolio showcasing your demonstrated competencies.

The similarities between the past and modern day are undeniable and they speak to how deeply we believe in creating competent Christian leaders.  At Horizon, we are guided by the conviction that Christ is continually calling leaders to advance God’s kingdom and we recognize that that leadership can take many different forms.  Not all followers of Christ are called to professional ministry, but we are all called to a lifetime of discipleship. Our aim is to prepare you to live out your relationship with Christ concretely, practicing real-life, hands-on Christianity in your everyday life.

If you would like to learn more about our one year certificate and our other programs, please visit us at www.horizon.edu, or send us an email: info@horizon.edu.


— Brittany Meisner, Community Relations


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