Christian Higher Education & the Church

At Horizon, our mission is to “prepare competent Christian leaders for Spirit-empowered life and ministry.”

We believe that Christ is continually calling leaders to advance God’s Kingdom, and that this leadership can take many different forms.  Therefore, our goal is to prepare leaders for Christian life in ministry, whether it be volunteer or professional. We want to see students confidently emerging from Horizon in the power of the Spirit, dependent on Jesus Christ, and selflessly following His lead into their unique vocational, missional, and ministry callings.

Recently, our president Dr. Jeromey Martini, passed on an article by Gordon T. Smith to the staff to remind us of the partnership Christian higher education has to the Church.  It is a great reminder of why institutions like Horizon are integral to the work of the Church, and the work of Christ.  In the article, Smith argues that:

“few things are as crucial to the future of the Church in Canada as Christian higher education – colleges, universities, and seminaries that do their work in intentional alignment with the mission of God in the world.”

He further states that, “a case could be made that the Church can’t be the Church and can’t fulfill its mission except in partnership with and dependence on these kinds of academic institutions.”

In the article he seeks to answer the question, “in what ways does Christian higher education partner with the Church to fulfill the mission of God to disciple the nations?” As well as make a clear call to invest in Christian higher education.  Smith argues that, “there is no greater investment you can make in your charitable giving than in education because the return is so great.  By investing in an academic institution, you give a thousand times over – in transformed lives, in the lives of women and men equipped for engagement in the full spectrum of the mission of God.”

It is well worth a read, so click here to read the article “The Church and the Academy” by Gordon T. Smith.


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