FAQs on Moving to Saskatoon

Transitions can be a challenge.  It is difficult to move from high school to post-secondary, it’s difficult to move out, it’s difficult to move to a new city.

As a staff and faculty, we recognize that your life is about to change, and we want to do all that we can to help you out!

With change comes a lot of new experiences which will affect how you think and feel. Transitioning into a new stage of life can result in some unexpected internal changes. To better prepare and make your transition easier, we want you to learn about the 5 stages of transition.

Briefly, they are:
1. Involvement: where you have a sense of belonging, commitment, and intimacy

2. Leaving: where you experience separation, disengagement and sometimes denial

3. Transition: This is the unknown, where it may feel chaotic and you experience anxiety.

4. Entering: You may be tentative and vulnerable.

5. Re-engagement: Regaining your sense of belonging, commitment and intimacy.

The time that it takes each person to work their way through these stages is different for each individual. It is good, though, to have a general idea of the time that working through each stage will take, as well as some of the feelings and emotions that we may encounter. One of the feelings which come out in times of change is wondering whether or not we are normal. We often feel isolated in what we are going through, and we wonder if there is something wrong with us for having the thoughts and emotions that we are dealing with. Rest assured that there is a high chance that you really are a normal person and others are sharing your experiences as well!

To learn more about the 5 stages of transition. CLICK HERE!


Also, to help with the transition to a new city, check out this video for an introduction to the beautiful city of Saskatoon.



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